Wedding Planner in Israel

Naomi Tabor - Wedding Planner
My team and I are event planning professionals, specializing as wedding planners in Israel. Our past extensive experience extends of course to Israel but also to event planning in the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and Denmark. We have successfully planned thousands of events, of all types and sizes, and always to the highest standards. Thanks to our international backgrounds, we are able to provide a bridge between the values and expectations of our American and European clients and the local customs and mentality. The imaginative and creative power of our wedding planners is at your service, taking these very important moments of your life and making them breathtaking and perfect. We believe your wedding planner should be a professional with extensive and long-term experience.
He or she should also have a great and detailed familiarity with the local market and local suppliers. On that count we know the Israeli event market inside out. An event or wedding planner also needs superior organizational skills, attention to every detail, and a superior creative mind, always evolving new ideas, new concepts and designs. This is what we would be happy to offer you. Our service takes from all the wonderful things Israel has to offer, and makes your dream wedding a reality, down to the smallest detail. We speak English, French and Hebrew and can conduct all negotiations for you, ensuring not only that you are getting the best possible service from each vendor, but also that all is done by the book and in due form. Our contracts, financial procedures and ethics are precise and meticulous. In short you can count on us every step of the way.

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